Columbine2 - POS 2041 October 1 2009 “Bowling for...

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Unformatted text preview: POS 2041 October 1, 2009 “Bowling for Columbine” Essay Michael Moore’s film “Bowling for Columbine” discusses the role of guns in American society and their effects on the American population through use of extensive interviews and various scenarios. Moore begins the film by addressing the availability of guns in America, mainly through a satirical and rather incredulous chain of events, including receiving a gun by signing up for a bank account. He continues throughout the movie by providing demonstrations from America’s past when guns and violence have been used and how America has essentially been fueling international wars by providing other countries with weapons. The movie then shifts to various tragedies that have occurred within American itself, including the Columbine shooting and the shooting in an elementary school in Michigan. Moore’s masterful use of specific examples allow him to display to his audience the obsession Americans have with gtms and violence, while not remaining biased. In “Bowling for Colmnbine,” Michael Moore does not take any specific side regarding the gun control debate, but ratherhe takes opinions and ideas fi'omboth sides ofthe issue. Being a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) would strengthen the argument that Moore is against gun control and for expressing the second amendment right, but when Moore interviews those who are also against gun control, the questions asked repress this thought. Moore interviews families of victims of gun crimes, in addition to members of the NRA, which allows him to obtain a wide variety of information and opinions from every side of the debate. Moore was able to demonstrate the obsession America possesses with guns in a fair manner mainly through his sources of information. Rather than select a nmnber of people who would discuss only one side of the aspect, Moore conversed with a large group of people from various places with numerous ideas about the issue, including some people who have not authority in the subject. Regardless of who he interviewed, however, the information he obtained usually supported the idea that America is consumed with guns and violence. His comparison to other nations also strengthened this idea, since other nations have just as many guns on the street even though their gun crimes are significantly lower than in America. By sources from a variety of backgrounds and with opposing views, Moore is able to capture his audience and make his view more easily understood without demonstrating bias, which further establishes credibility and allows for a flair analysis of guns in this gun-crazed society. The film “Bowling for Columbine" has not changed my views regarding guns too drastically, because most of what I was exposed to only supported my opinion before. America is an aggressive nation, and is usually the first one to enter a war and the last one to leave. This aggression has made an impact on the citizens, who have become just as violent. When Americans are given access to deadly weapons such as guns, the hostility rises even further. Canada, with over 7 million guns in a population of 30 million, has a strikingly low number of gun crimes, approximately one every few years. The United States has multiple glm crimes every day, although the crime rate has dropped from several years ago. Ultimately, guns themselves are not capable of taking a person’s life. Tragedies such as Columbine occur because guns fall into the hands of hostile humans. Gun control may be an effective waytoreduce the numberofcrimes occurring inAmerica, since many gunsinAmerica are held for protection. Submachine guns are not needed to protect a house of four, since a handgun has the potential to be just as deadly. Columbine was an alarm that was sent 011' warning Americans of the hazards and extreme dangers guns pose to American society, since America has become such a reckless, destructive nation of violence. ...
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Columbine2 - POS 2041 October 1 2009 “Bowling for...

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