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Review for Exam III 1960 Presidential Debate 270 538 AARP ACLU AFL-CIO AFT Age and Partisanship AMA Battleground States Candidate Centered Chamber of Commerce Closed Primary Coattail Effect Cuban Voters Daisy Ad Democratic Issues Direct Techniques Education and Partisanship Electoral College Error Margin FECA of 1971 Fireside Chats Focus Groups Gallup and Roper Gatekeepers Gender and Partisanship Grassroot Great Communicator
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Unformatted text preview: Greenpeace Hard Money Income and Partisanship Independent Expenditure Indirect Techniques Jewish Voters Literary Digest Lobbying Media and Profits Megan’s Law Name Recognition Negative Ads NFU Nielsen Ratings Open Primary Party Centered PATCO Phone Book Positive Ads Precinct Psychological Factors Race and Partisanship Random Selection Republican Issues Run-Off Primary SAG Soft Money Sound Bite Television Undecided...
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