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1 Sociology SYA4300 Professor Rob White Tuesday (9/27) Indexes (part 3) 1 ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Selecting items for Indexes/Scales 3 Example: Family risk and internalizing/externalizing problems. Lima et al. 2010. “Ef ects of cumulative risk on behavioral and psychological wel -being in first grade: Moderation by neighborhood context” , 71(8): 1447-1454. 1 High life stress Score of 8 or more Index 2 Child-to-adult ratio Greater than or equal to 2 3 Low maternal education Less than high school 4 Single parent Respondent is unmar ied 5 Inter-partner violence Yes to psychological or physical abuse 6 Maternal Depression Scored 18 or higher on CES-D-I -R Index 7 Cur ent smoking in hold Anyone in household cur ently smokes 8 Parent Medical Condition Parent has condition that af ects parenting 9 Child/parent hostility Highest 25% Index 10 Harsh parenting Highest 20% Index 11
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09_27+%28Before+Break%29+Indexes+3+-+Ch6 - _ _ Sociology...

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