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Study Guide Exam 3 Chapter 6: Chapter 9: GIS Mapping Oswald Spengler Natural Crossroads Luis Mumford Natural Areas City and Countryside Human Ecology Ming Peking Seven Social Factors Engels Robert Park Environmental Issues Census Tract Chapter 14: Homer Hoyt Garden Cities Concentric Zones Ebenezer Howard Gridiron City City Beautiful Movement Radio centric City New Town Movement Chapter 8: New Towns in North America (3) Gesellschaft U.S Failures Stanley Milgram Urban utopia
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Unformatted text preview: Paths Two Phases of Urban Planning Edges Nodes Landmarks Kevin Lynch Gemeinschaft Urban Networks Suburban Life Articles: Fitzpatrick Lagory: urban spaces, urban health disparity, basic needs, health disparities Bullard: Impacts of Race and the impacts on communities Cancer Alley (Impacts of Louisiana) Executive Order 12898 Dumping in Dixie Redlining NIMBY PIBBY The right to Breathe Clean Air Warren County Clean Air Act 1970 Asthma...
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