essay 2 - 1 Wolff Stefan Wolff Ms Laurel Harbin IDS2935 9...

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1 Wolff Stefan Wolff Ms. Laurel Harbin IDS2935 9 November 2010 The Good Life, from Different Perspectives As humans, our lives revolve around ideas of the “Good Life,” regardless of if we realize it or not. We spend our time going to school, reading magazines, listening to music, cooking our meals, even brushing our hair, all with an underlying theme rooted in some aspect of the Good Life. As we grow as individuals, we begin to define our lives according to what we believe in, and our focus of the Good Life is further defined with it. Each person has his or her own perspective on the Good Life, and has built his or her life to facilitate its fulfillment. It is this drive that makes everyone fundamentally different from one another, but at the same time bringing us closer than we can ever imagine, bound by one common goal. Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, a professor and scientist at Evergreen State College, and Mr. Latif Bolat, a Sufi mysticism musician from Turkey, though separated by culture and country, share this common ground: a life spend focused on the
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essay 2 - 1 Wolff Stefan Wolff Ms Laurel Harbin IDS2935 9...

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