IDS2935 - IDS2935: What is the Good Life [Fall 2010] M, W...

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IDS2935: What is the Good Life [Fall 2010] M, W period 8 (3:00-3:50), plus 1 discussion section/week Turlington, room 007 Professors: Christopher Silver (College of Design, Construction and Planning), Brenda Smith (School of Music), Victoria L. Rovine (School of Art and Art History) Contact: Dr. Rovine— Dr. Smith— Dr. Silver— Teaching Assistants: Samantha Barnsfather; Laurel Harbin; Aaron Keebaugh; Linda Portal; David Whitehead Office hours: to be announced in sections Course web site: Introduction Through a close examination of relevant works of art, music, literature, history, religion, and philosophy, students will consider the basic question, “What is the Good Life?” The course will serve as an invitation to the Humanities and to a lifetime of reflection on the human condition through the unique opportunities available to the students at the University of Florida. The Humanities, a cluster of disciplines that inquire into the very nature and experience of being human, provide many approaches to the question ‘What is a good life,’ as well as a multiform treasury of responses that comprises the cultural and intellectual legacy of world humanity. The question is especially relevant for a detailed examination as you become more and more involved in making the decisions that will shape your future and the future of others. In order to make reasonable, ethical, well-informed life choices, it is useful to reflect upon how one might aspire to live both as an individual, and a member of local and global communities. The course is interdisciplinary and draws on the considerable humanities resources at UF. It is also cross-cultural and draws on the full range of human experience across the world and through time in trying to answer the question: “What is the good life?” It contains elements such as the gateway readings, museum exhibits, and performances that are common to the several sections being taught this semester. The lectures, discussion sections, and other readings are specific to your section of this course. Common Activities This course includes special exhibits at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, a musical performance, and a lecture by a distinguished scholar. We will discuss how these events fit into the larger themes of the course throughout the semester. More information on them can be found at the What is the Good Life Course Website Assignments One exam (finals week December 13, 3:00-5:00) 1 long essay, 1000 words each (due in sections week 13) 2 short essays, 500 words each (due in sections weeks 4, 12) Other Policies, Rules, and Resources
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2 1. Handing in Assignments : Assignments due in class should be handed directly to your TA. Please also keep a dated electronic copy of all your papers.
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IDS2935 - IDS2935: What is the Good Life [Fall 2010] M, W...

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