ANP_264_Lecture_13_ - ANP 264 GREAT DISCOVERIES IN ARCHAEOLOGY T TH 3:00 4:20 C107 MCDONEL HALL Lecture 13(maya death empire Synopsis From the

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ANP 264 G REAT D ISCOVERIES IN A RCHAEOLOGY T, TH 3:00 4:20 C107 M C D ONEL H ALL Spring Semester 2010 Lecture 13 (maya - death empire) Synopsis: From the History Channel series Engineering an Empire , this episode examines the Maya civilization. There is not a great deal of detail on the origins of this civilization, but there is significant discussion of the shift in scientific belief from the depiction of the Maya as consisting of peaceful city states that mysteriously disappeared to a more complex picture of cities that, through a combination of factors, competed and warred with one another and eventually collapsed with the people dispersing away from the temple cities that the Maya are best known for. Topics to focus on: I. Unlike earlier discussions of civilizations and cities, this documentary is more complex, focusing on the broad achievements of a civilization that has no well- known mythic tale associated with it but a completely historic and archaeological reality. Focus on the following issues:
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