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ANP 264 G REAT D ISCOVERIES IN A RCHAEOLOGY T, TH 3:00 4:20 C107 M C D ONEL H ALL Spring Semester 2010 Lecture 14 (the great inca rebellion) Synopsis: From PBS’s series Nova, we look at the history of the fall of the Incan Empire. The available written histories tell us that the Inca were destroyed mainly by a small Spanish force that, with their superior arms and under the leadership of the Conquistador, Francisco Pizarro, were able to subdue an empire spread over much of the west coast of South America. This film focuses on the cemetery at Puruchuco, near present day Lima, Peru, and the evidence that suggests that the Spanish conquest was much more complex than the histories suggest. Topics to focus on: I. The cemetery at Puruchuco is both typical and unusual for a variety of reasons. a. In regards to the typical, how do we expect to find Incan people buried? b. In regards to the unusual, why are some of the burials considered to be atypical? c.
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