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ANP 264 G REAT D ISCOVERIES IN A RCHAEOLOGY TU-TH 3:00-4:20 C107 M C D ONEL H ALL Lecture Outline 23 (chaco legacy) Synopsis: This film examines the development of the Anasazi culture in the San Juan Basin of the American Southwest. In particular, it focuses on developments in Chaco Canyon and looks at changing architecture, agricultural practices and the material remains of a large economic trade network. Researchers in the film discuss the ways in which this social system worked during its height and what the factors were that led to the collapse and abandonment of the region. Questions to focus on: 1. Explain the uses and functions of the following different architectural forms based on the information given in the film: a. Settlements/villages – Townships together, 3-4 stories b. Rooms within structurs – 850 AD, living rooms with storage rooms behind, 950 AD plaster over walls, c. Religious Structures- circular kivas, Great Riva 1250 AD d. Outdoor facilities (plazas) – low walls, possibly market area e.
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Unformatted text preview: Roads? Linked all townships together, very straight f. Mountain/Mesa top locations strategically could be used for communication to different townships 2. Describe the different forms of agriculture that were practiced by the people in Chaco Canyon. 3. What are the factors discussed in the film that lead to the collapse of Chacoan society? 1150 AD Finishing touches on buildings, integrated townships Pueblo Bonito site in New Mexico 1 of a dozen in the Chaco Canyon San Juan Basin over 40,000 sq miles, right in the center of the four states 1849 US Army agents came to view the sites First large scale stone ruins discovered Charles Linberg took a picture flying over Ash Dump importance of mounds (ash piles) Everything goes back to nature the Pueblo Idea sacred; dont let white people walk over the dumps 850 AD Starting of the building White wash the sides Pine Vigas with a willow matt over it for the ceiling Spring Semester 2010...
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