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ISS 315.006 C HALLENGES TO THE S TUDY OF P AST H UMAN A CHIEVEMENTS T, TH 3:00 4:50 116 F ARRELL A G E NG H ALL Fall Semester 2009 1 Lecture Outline 15 and 16 (ancient aliens) This documentary outlines the history of the idea that alien beings from another planet(s) influenced or were responsible for certain past human achievements. From the perspective of archaeology and Western science and religion, in general, this perspective has been considered to deny the abilities of past humans in terms of their ingenuity and perception. However, those subscribing to the theory firmly believe that a) we are not alone in the universe, and b) that we have been visited in the past. Overall, this documentary reveals the full nature of pseudoscience that we explored at the beginning of the semester. Over the course of the next two lectures, we will examine the claims of these people and observe the process of pseudoscience in action. At the core of the film is how these pseudoscientific claims are produced, and you should seek to answer the
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