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CEP260_Group_Presentation_Guidelines - CEP 260 Dynamics in...

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Unformatted text preview: CEP 260 Dynamics in Personal Adjustment Group Presentation Guidelines The topic of this 45‐minute presentation can be one that elaborates upon an adjustment issue discussed in this class, or one that has not been covered. Pick a topic that your group is genuinely interested in and that will provide relevant information to the class. Groups are to present accurate information that is congruent with present, up‐to‐ date literature, as shown by citing the appropriate source while talking or in writing. Groups are encouraged to use a variety of visual aids (posters, videos, PowerPoint, etc) while detailing how the information is applicable to our lives. Get the class involved and make it fun! The presentations are scheduled for the last two class sessions. Groups will be assigned in class and a summary of the topic should be written up and put in the Angel drop box. Group Presentation Ideas Ideas used in previous courses: • How Autism Affects Families • Social Pressures Experience by college students • Adjusting to life as a first or second generation immigrant to US • Life as an MSU International Student • History of Hip Hop Culture (through the lens of African American adjustment) • Interracial dating • Online social‐networking sites • Types of drugs that students use used for adjustment/coping • Adolescent development cross‐culturally • Intimate Violence (violence in dating, spousal relationships) • Let’s Talk About Sex: Ways that sex is taught in schools • Friendships—how they develop, importance in development • Love & Marriage—especially how it relates to college students • Group Cohesion • Eating Disorders on College Campuses • Music Therapy • Gender Bias (in athletics, academics, etc) Group Grade Criteria (70 pts) 1. Accurate presentation – information is concise and congruent with present, up‐to‐date literature, as shown by providing me a list of sources used in your presentation in APA format (at least two sources must be from a source other than the internet). __________ / 15 2. Use of visual aides/clear examples that make the presentation understandable and interesting (ex. Poster, guest speaker, video, etc.) __________ / 15 3. Your ability to make the connection between the theoretical perspective (the way we view issues based on what we read about in the text) and the applied perspective (how these concepts are seen in the real world). __________ / 20 4. Quiz administration‐ develop and administer a quiz or some type of measure that assesses the effectiveness of the presentation. (This could be an organized game or discussion that elicits audience responses lead by your group). __________ / 10 5. Overall clarity and organization of presentation, including how well integrated the group presentation is and how it flows (e.g., does your group read off the PowerPoint, or are you overall more dynamic in your presentation?). __________ / 10 Individual Grade Criteria (50 pts) 6. Accurate information – Your ability to clearly present the literature you reviewed for the presentation, using your own language and interpretation. __________ / 15 7. Empirical review – Your concise, 2 page review of an empirical article on your topic of interest. This review must include a summary of the findings and your conclusions about the significance of the findings. __________ / 20 8. Commitment to group – Your active involvement in completing the group presentation and in supporting the project’s completion as an equal partner (as rated by your group members). __________ / 15 Total: __________ / 120 ...
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