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CEP 260 Final Exam Review Sheet **Look over the KEY IDEAS at the end of every chapter, review my POWERPOINT SLIDES, and try the PRACTICE TEST questions at the end of every chapter. Chapter 7 interpersonal communication sender receiver message channel noise nonverbal communication proxemics paralanguage effective listening individualistic versus collectivistic cultures Chapter 8 cultural views of love/marriage proximity familiarity mere exposure effect what makes someone attractive (p.242) matching hypothesis reciprocal liking/reciprocity “birds of a feather flock together” versus “opposites attract” interdependence or social exchange theory comparison level what makes a good friend (p.250) sexual orientation heterosexism intimacy
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passion commitment Sternberg’s triangular theory of love attachment styles why relationships end (p.258) Chapter 9 cohabitation marriage (traditional model versus current social trends) endogamy homogamy predictors of marital success (p.273) family life cycle
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