Com 100 Exam Review Thanks Genegive

Com 100 Exam Review Thanks Genegive - Com 100 Exam B108...

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Com 100 Exam B108 Wells 50 multiple choice questions Extra review on Angel Five Causes/Origins of Conflict - Effective ways of resolving conflict - Balance Theory (chapter 9) – Prospect Theory - That when people see losses they make riskier decisions and when they see gains they make more conservative decisions Two-step flow – Where media content indirectly reaches on unexposed person via someone who has seen or read the message. Sequential Interdependence - Formal vs. Informal Rules of culture – Official and Written vs. Not written but may still contain clear expectations concerning the ddd of organization members Conflict styles – Competition, Collaboration, Avoidance, Accommodate, Compromise. Three stages of conflict management - Benefits and drawbacks of conflict - Leadership styles –Socio-emotional leader and task leader Reciprocity –Refers to whether both parties to a relationship categorize it in the same way Effective leadership characteristics/traits – Leaders challenge the process. Inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, model the way, and encourage the heart Four management models – Holding company models, strategy and oversight, active leader involvement, and command and control Three communication patterns – Downward, upward, horizontal Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Chapter 16) – 5 step organizational scheme that movies the audience through persuasive process. Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action
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Com 100 Exam Review Thanks Genegive - Com 100 Exam B108...

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