Com 100 Midterm Book Review

Com 100 Midterm Book Review - Com 100 Midterm Book Review...

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Com 100 Midterm Book Review Chapter 1 Word Power Psychological – function of awareness, feeling and motivation (mind) Interference – instance of interfering (noise) Ambiguous – having two or more meanings Biases – aka filters, the way you interpret certain information Arbitrary - subject to individual will or judgment without restriction The Global Village – Telegraph brought nations together, put the Pony Express out of business. Television shortly followed now, email or teleconference. Communication Concepts Respect, Preparation, and Control – Principles that guide work in conflict Connection – the essence of communicating (hostage negotiations) Information Exchange – the sending and receiving of messages Encode – convert messages or words into code Noise – Interference (long jokes at parties) Feedback - reaction or response to information or speech Channels – Method of communicating (broad or narrow) Messages – Verbal and Nonverbal, and content and relational aspects Impact – How words affect you (most memorable quote) Influence, Information Exchange, Meaning, and Symbolic Language – Elements of Communicating Chapter Two Word Power Congregate – Putting together parts of words to make other words Morse code – Language made up of short and long electric buzzes, clicks, or flashes of light. Phonemes - Sound rules (26 letters, 44 sounds) Morpheme - Smallest unit of meaning in a language (prefix or suffix) Indexing - Subscripting or dating words to show that their meanings can change over time Pragmatic - How ordinary people use language to accomplish everyday task Do you know what time it is? – MEANS – Tell me the time. Arbitrary – Individual will or judgment Communication Concepts Inherited Communication – Genetically determined patterns of behavior (genetic/instinct)
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Com 100 Midterm Book Review - Com 100 Midterm Book Review...

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