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Comm 100 Final Exam Practice Questions - Com 100 Final...

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Com 100 Final Review Session Check msu mail for where exam is. Number 2 pencil and student ID Four question types Definitions Components Interrelated concepts Situational/application 1. What element can negatively affect the communication process? a. Message exchange b. Goals c. Values d. Noise 2. Which one of the following is not one of the four types of rules of language? a. Phonemic b. Semantic c. Pragmatic d. Contextual 3. Sandy is a student at MSU. She is someone who takes into account how other people perceive her, both socially and in an academic setting. Sand is said to have a __________________ distinction. a. Low self-monitor b. Paranoid c. High self-monitor d. Balanced I and me 4. A family that is guided by images of adaptability, efficacy and participation is which type of family? a. Closed b. Random c. Open d. Synchronous 5. Agents of socialization include: a. sex roles, family employers b. peers, mass media, self disclosure c. educational institutions, peers, family d. family, peers, schema 6. Enrique and Mandy are having an argument one day. Enrique insists that Anna is the better tennis player because she has solid groundstroke. However, Mandy insists that Andy is a far better player because he has won a grand slam. This would be considered which type of conflict of douche. a. a conflict focused on values b. about resources c. the nature of a relationship
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d. over different beliefs 7. According to the textbook, which of the following is NOT a part of the “culture” definition? a. a group of people who believe they share common characteristics b. people with a common destiny c. people who have shared interest d. people across several generations 8. Your friend tells you that she bought this new brand of lip balm called Greasy and it works so much better that any other. What type of appeal is this? a. reciprocity b. scarcity c. consistency d. social proof 9. Rules are defined as: a. a decision process b. clear guideline for action c. cultural values d. things your parents tell you 10. When conflict in a group declines and ambiguity increases, which of Fisher’s phases could we say that the group is in? a. orientation b. conflict c. emergence d. reinforcement 11. According to Fielder, which of the following is the most important situational characteristic in determining leadership effectiveness? a. time span b. power c. relationship between the leader and the followers d. structure of the task 12. One drawback to being a(n) ___________________ is that these individuals often pay high monetary or other types of costs for adopting a product when they do. a. Innovator b. Late majority c. Laggard d. Product leader 13. Jen is watching Fear Factor on TV and when one of the contestants has to eat a bucket of worms she turns away and covers her sees because her stomach starts to churn because she finds this so disgusting. Which type of mass media influence is she experiencing? a.
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Comm 100 Final Exam Practice Questions - Com 100 Final...

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