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Media Analysis Stephen Hershfield Section 002 Nick Drew For this media analysis I picked the textbook concept of self-concept and I’m relating it to the song by The Game called Higher . This is off The Game’s first album and it was one of the biggest hits on the album. The song is about him making it in the rap industry, and what he thinks about himself. Through the song, we learn many things about The Game’s self-concept. He thinks very highly of himself and that is shown in many parts of the song. He says “Who don't love us, every hood throwin they dubs up”. This means he thinks he is so good that everyone loves him and his music and shows their respect by “throwing their dubs up”. He also compares himself to Doctor Dre and N.W.A. He claims “Like Dre did, I created a buzz without a single like N.W.A. did”. In the rap world this means even though he didn’t come out with a single, he is as good a N.W.A. and Doctor Dre. As a new rapper in the industry, this is a huge statement because some say Dre and N.W.A. were the best. The benefits of the audience seeing what The Game says about himself is both positive and negative. It really depends on if you like The Game or not. Those who like The Game agree with him and compare him to the greatest rappers in the world.
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Comm Media Analysis - Media Analysis Stephen Hershfield...

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