ITM309-Recitation4 - IBM WBI Modeler Simulation Practice...

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IBM WBI Modeler Simulation Practice Michigan State University ITM 309 Spring 2011 Business Processes: WBI In-Class Simulation Practice Activity Recitation #4: Websphere Business Modeler February 2/3 Objective: Be able to analyze the efficiency of business processes and evaluate efficiency changes when business processes are modified. Understand outputs of different cases of business process changes using the WBI simulation model. The purpose of this tutorial is to enable you to practice analyzing the simulation results of the WBI business process models you create. Simulation models help us understand the dynamics of the real world as a static model by itself has limited use. The value of creating a model in WBI is that you are able to simulate the business process and evaluate the outcome in terms of model provided measurements. Changes to a process in the model are accomplished to improve performance and these changes are evaluated used the output of the simulation model results. Several changes can be evaluated over a large number of model runs, and the user can examine the various outcomes of the changes. Simulation modeling results are a good approximate for the real world because each component of the model has some costs and time measures associated with it as the real world process. The WBI simulation outcomes or model outputs will give you a realistic idea of how long the process will take or the cycle time of the process and how much it will cost. An example modeling approach using WBI to simulate the real world follows. This example scenario models the order management process of a small company such as the Broadway Café. Various tasks are modeled in this example scenario. For example, the “ enter order information task in WBI is classified as being done by an Order Entry clerk , whose wages are $6.75/hour and Page 1 of 5
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IBM WBI Modeler Simulation Practice Michigan State University who takes 10 minutes to complete the task; similar to the costs and time of the real world activities for the order entry clerk. To find out how efficient your process is (i.e. how much cycle time it takes and how much it
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ITM309-Recitation4 - IBM WBI Modeler Simulation Practice...

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