Lecture 2 - Com 100 - Lecture 2: Language Acquisition....

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Lecture 2: Language Acquisition. Connecting Through Symbols Introduction. A. Connection requires control to satisfy our needs: a. Shape our identity, build relationships. b. Accomplish tasks c. Share and develop cultures B. Success: increase signal noise ration a. Control signal strength b. Reduce noise or interference Language – The Power of Language: Sharing Ideas and Building Civilization A. Definition a. A system of symbols b. Used to map reality c. To communicate Thoughts d. Example: Use the word “Crusade” by President Bush to describe our response to terrorism. e. Statue of Liberty – 1876 from France - July 4 th 1826 Thomas Jefferson died. B. Characteristics of symbols: a. Semantics, or a system of meaning (Terrorist vs. Freedom Fighter) b. Syntax or how symbols interact: Punctuating and ordering sentence strings. c. Pragmatics or how we use symbols: To inform, persuade, insult, tease, inspire. d. Lexicon (vocabulary – mental dictionary) e. Phonology – the sound system of how the mouth produces sound f. Morphology or the rules of word formation Forexample, consider these words seen next to a swimming pool: Private. No swimming allowed. Semantically, each word carries a unique meaning, but the context is needed for
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Lecture 2 - Com 100 - Lecture 2: Language Acquisition....

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