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Religion and Soc - How so sociologist think about religion...

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How so sociologist think about religion? - A social institution o Structures human practices and relations o How people make meaning o Provide social solidarity o Treat religion as a social phenomenon, not a divine one o Does not determine which religion is right or wrong, the nature of the divine Religion and Gender Inequality - Religion both creates gender inequality and reflects existing gender inequality in a society o Provides order through hierarchy o Reflects prevailing interpretation of how people should relate to one another o Used in colonial efforts to subjugate other nations (read section on US and Europe and Islamic countries) o Women’s role as carriers of culture controlled through religion Women and Fundamentalism - Similarities across Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism; **** ESSAY QUESTION o Ideal women is submissive, asexual, and selfless o Motherhood is core of woman’s identity, family the center of her life o Families are key to protecting/controlling female sexuality
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