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Sexuality Pleasure and Danger

Sexuality Pleasure and Danger - -Sexual activity among the...

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Sexuality: Pleasure and Danger September 23 rd 2009 History of Feminist research and activism on sexuality - Used to define the boundaries of normality – Didn’t use sexual identity until about the 19 th century - Sexual liberation of the 1960s - Radical feminism critical of the idea that sexual liberation was truly liberating for women o Finally stood up and found sexual violence for woman for rape and such was danger not pleasure for women o Establish rape crisis centers and were successful o Re-emergence of interest in pleasure Double standard – for men It’s more expectable to be more sexual than women Chris Rock example Changes in Sexual Norms and Behaviors - Norms around premarital sex more liberal o In the 1950s, about 1/3 of women and ¾ of men had sexual intercourse before marriage o Today the rates are similar - Some sexual behaviors more conservative o Decrease in the rates of extramarital sex, particularly for men o ¼-1/3 men are having it, 15% for woman
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Unformatted text preview: -Sexual activity among the elderly o Demographic shifts likely have spurred increase accessibility Prostitution and Sex Work-Prostitution: exchange of sex acts for money or other things of financial worth-Good paying job, not enjoyment-Forms of prostitution: o Streetwalkers/hustlers o Brothels o Call girls/Escorts-Romanticizing prostitution in movies Gendered Expectations and Culture-Women of color “eroticized” (more sexual) o Feeds international sex markets-Marriage markets in developing countries o Women viewed as more traditional-SOCIAL LOCATION o Shapes the ways in which sexuality and gender are constructed Connecting to Key Concepts in Sexuality-Sexuality is fluid; the reality of human sexuality rarely fits into the narrow categories that culture allows-Sexuality offers pleasure but also physical and social dangers-Social construction of sexuality...
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