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SOC Women in Political Leadership

SOC Women in Political Leadership - Women in Political...

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Women in Political Leadership 1) A Gendered Political World a) Three components of political involvement (a.i.1.a) Voting/Right to vote (a.i.1.b) Running for elected office (a.i.1.c) Holding non-elected offices in government b) Focus on women’s access to voting 2) Early History of women in Politics a) In 1756, Lydia Chapin first woman legally allowed to vote b) Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 c) Victoria Woodhull the first female presidential candidate in 1872 d) In 1878 the first constitutional amendment granting women’s suffrage e) In 1920 the 19 th amendment passed 3) Women Elected Officials in the US and elsewhere a.i) First woman elected in Congress in 1916(Jeanette Rankin) a.ii) U.S ranks 93 rd in political empowerment of women a.iii) Highest percentage of women in national legislatures (Table 10-3) (a.iii.1.a) Rwanda highest with almost half (a.iii.1.b) Finland has highest percentage of women in all government positions 4) Why SO Few Women?
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