t191 racism in comedies

t191 racism in comedies - T191 Racism in Media 30 September...

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T191: Racism in Media 30 September 2009 Racism in comedies Throughout media history it is evident that racial stereotypes have been commonly incorporated into movies, television, videogames, and so on. After critically watching Scary Movie 3 , I have become increasingly aware of how these stereotypes are pushed out through cinematic comedies. According to the Third Edition of Racism, Sexism, and the Media by Clint C. Wilson II, “With the release of the technical epic Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith in 1915, movies began to institutionalize racial stereotypes. Griffith established a pattern, which would endure for decades, of portraying American Blacks as intellectually and morally inferior to whites”(76). Scary Movie 3 is a movie that attempts to evoke humor by mocking Hollywood horror films, and in the process it clearly defines certain intellectual and moral stereotypes of African Americans. Many of the intellectual and moral traits applied to people of color in early movies include preoccupation with simple ideas, inferior ideas in conflict situation, low occupational status, poor speech patterns, comedic foil, low regard for human life, and
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t191 racism in comedies - T191 Racism in Media 30 September...

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