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t206 lighting - car and walk around to the back of it...

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Instructor: Jenna Hoffstein T206: Assignment #2 Interpreting lighting The opening scene in Goodfellas, a highly recognized gangster film, uses color in a carefully dramatic way in order to set the stage for the mood of the movie. Color is a film element that can be used to highlight characters’ personalities and identities in the external world. Red light, which is used wisely in this scene, is probably created by using a red filter gel that is placed over the lens which allows all colors to be absorbed except red. The opening credits are shown in black in white in a high contrast. I am assuming that this was carefully chosen so that when the red tint is applied it is highly noticeable and has a stronger, more powerful effect. The red shade is first introduced right after the credits when the black car they are driving in is shown in motion surrounded by complete darkness with only its red taillights to be seen. When the three gangsters step out of the
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Unformatted text preview: car and walk around to the back of it because they hear noises coming from the trunk, the red taillights illuminate their faces in a deep, blood-like red tint, foreshadowing a plot of death and violence. Sure enough, the next thing shown is man drenched in blood in the trunk, struggling for his life. As two of the gangsters step out of the red light from the taillights for mere second as one stabs the victim and the other shoots him, their faces are depicted in normal coloring for the first time, and this is quite the way for the viewers to see the characters for the first time—in the act of murder. After they step back into the red light and the main character narrates, “as far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a gangster,” the title GOODFELLAS is shown in a highly saturated red color, in contrast to the opening credits that are shown in white....
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t206 lighting - car and walk around to the back of it...

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