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Instructor: Jenna Hoffstein T206 Musical score It is beyond safe to say that most movies have some type of musical score. Thrillers, especially, use music to their advantage by putting the audience on edge by formulating a nervous, frightening energy that keeps them awake in anticipation of forthcoming disasters. Jaws , a classic thriller about a flesh-hungry great white shark, is widely known for developing a musical score that keeps the heart pounding. The scene where the great white is finally killed exemplifies the importance of musical score in thrillers. Throughout the movie the audience is classically conditioned to associate a certain sound with the presence of the shark: the famous low pitched orchestral ‘da dum, da dum’ that speeds up as the shark draws nearer. This sound is played while the main character Brody is struggling to stay on the sinking boat, which triggers a sense of fear and desperation as the audience has learned to automatically
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Unformatted text preview: assume that the shark is approaching with the presence of this sound. The music then transitions to a different key that for a second sounds a bit trumpets, which could suggest Brodys heroic qualities as he climbs up the pole for safety. This switch in music also adds to the sudden shock when the shark expels from the water and attacks, which creates a sort of jump-out-of-the-seat action with its unexpectedness. The music then begins to speed up and intensify as Brody stabs the shark with a sharp pole, which once again fades out until the shark reappears for its last and deathly encounter. Overall, the music is cleverly conducted in this scene, the da dums originate the nervous energy, the orchestral transitions adds to the shock of it all, and the loud, forceful sounds that are played as the shark attacks makes the audience feel as if they are right there with Brody feeling terrified as he anxiously fights for his life....
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