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Instructor: Jenna Hoffstein T206: Assignment #3 Transitions In most movies, especially ones of suspense and mystery such as Blue Velvet , a certain film element used when editing known as dissolves, is commonly incorporated. Dissolves is a technique that involves blending one shot into the next by fading. The director of Blue Velvet uses dissolves in many ways; one of which is to unveil the darkly mysterious and sinister mannerisms that typify the characters. A scene that does this in a forceful manner is the one where Jeffery returns to Dorothy's apartment in the midst of his investigation. As he enters her apartment, they are immediately sexual with each other, as if he came to her apartment solely for that purpose. This makes his character seem rather crooked, as he has just told his love interest that he was going there only for the purpose of investigation. As they start to head towards the bedroom, the camera deploys from their figures to a shot of red velvet
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Unformatted text preview: curtains blowing from what could possibly be an open window behind them. The curtains could suggest that they are hiding something, suspiciously red and evil, as they dissolve, or figuratively open, to a shot of them in her bed kissing. As they are kissing he asks her to call the police. She vigorously rejects the idea and the shot dissolves into a one of a flaming candle. As the shot dissolves back to the room she forces him to hit her, and when he does the camera dissolves from a close-up shot of her mouth in an odd smile of fulfillment to one of flames of a fire, which lasts for only a mere second. The transition from the low-lit candle to the intense fire could mean many things, such as the rise of Jeffery’s suspicious character, or the evidence of Dorothy’s mysterious satisfaction of such adverse behavior....
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