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T366 settlers of catan - T366 Multiplayer Game Design...

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T366 Multiplayer Game Design Explanation of Settlers of Catan 6 October 2010 Settlers of Catan is a strategic, multiplayer board game where players attempt to expand their territories by gaining different types of resources. This game has a positive feedback loop: when a change occurs in the game, it creates an effect that causes an even bigger change. Settler’s of Catan has a positive feedback loop because as you continue to obtain resources throughout the game, your ability to get more and more resources at a faster pace and in larger quantities continues to escalate exponentially, which is why the game tends to end suddenly and surprisingly fast. The positive feedback loop is present in many games, and is a strong determinant on how well the player likes the game and is motivated to play. According to Jesse Schell, author of the Art of Game Design , “The information that is returned to the player in the game dramatically affects what the player will do next. This information is generally called feedback, and the quality of this feedback can exert a powerful influence on how much the player understands and enjoys what is happening next (228). Since it is a given that the players of Settlers of Catan will keep on gaining resources, resulting in positive feedback as the game progresses, the player is relieved of the feeling of being unable to catch up. The reason that the players are able to continuously gain resources and build up
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T366 settlers of catan - T366 Multiplayer Game Design...

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