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Ch5_2 - even more o Cooling makes water more dense • Deep...

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Ch. 5 continued Global ocean salinity Pycnocline Water that increases in density by getting colder and more saline may begin to sink. This sinking is aided by o Radiational cooling o Evaporation (removes heat and increases salinity) o Ice formation Tend to produce deep water… during summer in Antarctica, and northern Atlantic in winter Water becomes dense because when water moves to higher lats.--> radiational cooling. Evaporation makes water more saline, uses a lot of heat and energy, cools water
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Unformatted text preview: even more o Cooling makes water more dense • Deep water formed between Greenland and Norway • What would happen if deep-water formation stopped in the North Atlantic? o Sudden cooling of western and northwestern Europe o Much lower precipitation around northern North Atlantic basin o Increased glacierization around northern North Atlantic basin o ENSO cold phase • Sea-surface temp feedback...
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