SP interview - a) Born in Olympia Washington, April 28,...

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a) Born in Olympia Washington, April 28, 1945. Dad was in the Army, and then later on her mother worked at Sears as a sales clerk. She’s an only child. She grew up in Salt Lake City Utah. Childhood memories : Did a lot with her mom, she was very happy to have a child. Her mom didn’t think she could have one because she had heart problems. She was spoiled, her father and mother worked at a time when moms didn’t work. Her mom worked from the time she was little so she was in daycare with other children. She missed her mom and she wanted to be home and not in daycare. b) She was a really good student, a overachiever. Usually got straight A’s. One of her favorite teachers was in high school. A teacher at East High and he was gay. That was at a time when, in salt lake, being gay was frowned upon and he took a real interest in his students. She was a writer and he was the first teacher that told her she had talent and it meant a lot to her because she wasn’t sure. Her mother had a stroke when she was fourteen and died when she was sixteen. She felt really alone because she and her father wasn’t close and he took a special interest in her and talked to her after class and worked with her on writing. He took a group of five of them to the stake writing competition and they did really well. She got an excellent for the piece she submitted. She wrote poetry and submitted some and read them at the competition. She always liked school and she was very competitive. She took a class in high school called functional math. She wasn’t good at math and she got her first C in that class then studied and studied and got an A and became a tutor for some students that didn’t understand math. She went on to BYU
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SP interview - a) Born in Olympia Washington, April 28,...

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