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Helena Tse Interview with an older person The interview went well. She was born in Olympia Washington, April 28, 1945. Dad was in the Army, and then later on, her mother worked at Sears as a sales clerk. She’s an only child. She grew up in Salt Lake City Utah. Childhood memories : she did a lot with her mom, her mom was very happy to have a child. Her mom didn’t think she could have one because she had heart problems. She was spoiled, her father and mother worked at a time when moms didn’t work. Her mom worked from the time she was little so she was in daycare with other children. She missed her mom and she wanted to be home and not in daycare. She was an overachiever and usually got A’s. She was a really good writer and her English teacher in high school got her to start on her writing career. She was a actor and did many things in theatre. She went to East High. She got married in College at BYU Provo. She didn’t date much during her early years because her dad was over protective and went with her on every
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