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FDMAT 108-19, Group #5, Units 1C, 1D, (1E) Helena Tse, Kori Honeywell, Jackie Young 2:30 at the Ricks Garden on September 29, 2011 We discussed problems that we didn’t understand and helped explain problems to each other. Review Questions 1E: 1. Critical thinking is needed in problem solving and you need to problem solve throughout your whole life. It is a critical skill. 2. Read (or listen) carefully – You need to read or listen carefully because you need all the details you can get to solve a problem. The more you know, the easier it is to solve. Look for Hidden Assumptions – Some arguments may lack clarity so you need to look for hidden assumptions so you need to think critically about the text. Identify the Real Issue – You need to identify the real issue because sometimes people attempt to hide their real intentions and you need to think critically to identify it. Understand All the Options – Sometimes we may have more than one option and we need to think critically to decide which is the best or most beneficial choice. Watch for Fine Print and Missing Information – This is important because it gets you on
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