Third reading and writing assignment

Third reading and writing assignment - though The pigeon...

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Helena Tse Math 108-19 10/05/2011 I enjoyed the second chapter the most out of the three. This chapter got boring and I got lost after the third page. Although this is a pretty cool thing, after a bit of repetition, it gets boring. It was interesting to know that someone in the same room as you could have the same birth month or birthday as you depending on the number of people in relation to the number of months. Also it was pretty cool to think that someone could be eating breakfast at the same moment you are. It was kind of creepy to think someone had the same number of hairs as you
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Unformatted text preview: though. The pigeon hole and pigeon example was a pretty good opening and made it easy to understand. The formula I got from this chapter is basically, take the birthday for example: If you have 12 months and 13 people then of course, at least two people would have the same birthday month. Basically, you take the number of holes available and the number of people, or any object, and the difference between them times two would be the number of people sharing....
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