EML2322L Design Project

EML2322L Design Project - EML 2322L MAE Design and...

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EML 2322L – MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory Design Problem for Fall 2011 Problem Statement: Four tennis balls will be placed on the floor within a 10 ft x 20 ft enclosed space marked off by wooden “2 x 4s” placed on edge. A non-transparent entry portal 3 ft wide x 3 ft tall x 6 ft long must be passed through when entering and leaving the enclosure. The enclosure will also contain one empty bucket. Your assignment is to design and construct a device that will enter the enclosure and move the four tennis balls from the floor into the bucket. Two additional tennis balls will be suspended 18” above the floor. A time bonus will be awarded for placing each suspended ball in the bucket. Rules: 1. You may use any materials; you are not limited to what is available in the lab; however, suitability of selected materials will be evaluated, as will appearance. 2. Joystick and motor controller modules will be supplied. The motor controller will allow for two proportionally controlled motors and two relay controlled motors. You must be able to attach and properly wire the motor controller module to your assembled robot within 5 minutes. The motor controller measures approximately 12 x 10 x 6 in. Liquids cannot be used for this project because of the expensive electronics in the control box. 3. Your apparatus must fit within a 24” wide x 24” deep x 24” tall cubic volume at the start of a run (i.e. when fully assembled). During construction, the apparatus must be stored completely within a 17 x 12 x 15 in. container at the end of each lab session. Any parts not completely within the closed container will count as penalties towards the project grade. Each group can leave their robot fully assembled one week preceding their competition date.
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Rules (con’t): 4. At the start of a match your apparatus will be positioned 5 feet from the entry portal, and you may not touch it after it begins moving. 5. All balls must be collected/attempted before any are placed in the bucket. The bucket must remain upright at the end of the run. 6. Each trial will be limited to 5 minutes ; any longer and the score for that run will be considered a ‘DNF’ (did not finish), which equates to a zero for project effectiveness. 7.
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EML2322L Design Project - EML 2322L MAE Design and...

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