EML2322L Dimensioning Rules

EML2322L Dimensioning Rules - Dimensioning Rules 1. Each...

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Dimensioning Rules 1. Each dimension should be given clearly so that it can be interpreted in only one way. 2. Dimensions should not be duplicated or the same information given in two different ways (dual dimensioning excluded). 3. Dimensions should be given between points or surfaces that have a functional relation to each other or that control the location of mating parts. 4. Dimensions should be given to finished surfaces or important center lines, in preference to rough surfaces, wherever possible. 5. Dimensions should be so given that it will not be necessary for the machinist to calculate, scale, or assume any dimension. 6. Dimensions should be attached to the view where the shape is best shown (contour rule). 7. Dimensions should be placed in the views where the features dimensioned are shown true shape. 8. Dimensioning to hidden lines should be avoided wherever possible. Use auxiliary cross section view if necessary. 9. Dimensions should not be placed on a view unless clarity is promoted and long extension lines are avoided. 10. The longer dimensions should be placed outside all intermediate dimensions so that dimension lines will not cross extension lines. 11. In machine drawing, all unit marks should be omitted, except when necessary for clarity; for example, 1" REAMER or 1mm DRILL. 12. Production personnel should not be expected to assume that a feature is centered (as a hole on a plate), but a location dimension should be given from one side. However, if a hole is to be centered on a symmetrical rough casting, mark the center
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EML2322L Dimensioning Rules - Dimensioning Rules 1. Each...

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