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EML2322L Equipment Safety Sheets

EML2322L Equipment Safety Sheets - EML2322L MAE Design and...

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EML2322L – MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory LAB HOURS, ATTENDANCE LOG and RESPECT Lab Hours: For this semester, laboratory sections are scheduled for the following times: PERIOD - Begins Ends M T W R F 1 7:25 8:15 2 8:30 9:20 3 9:35 10:25 LECTURE 4 10:40 11:30 5 11:45 12:35 6 12:50 1:40 7 1:55 2:45 8 3:00 3:50 9 4:05 4:55 10 5:10 6:00 11 6:15 7:05 LAB 4 LAB 3 LAB 5 LAB 9 LAB 2 LAB 7 LAB 11 LAB 1 EML2322L FALL 2011 SCHEDULE Time Weekday FACULTY SHOP HOURS FACULTY SHOP HOURS CLOSED FOR LAB PREP & EQUIP. MAINTEN- ANCE CLOSED FOR LAB PREP & EQUIP. MAINTEN- ANCE LAB 8 LAB 6 LAB 10 During the scheduled laboratory periods, other students will not be permitted in the laboratory so you have uncompromised access to everything needed for a productive experience. Note students are not allowed to work in the design lab outside of the formally scheduled lab periods. All assignments must be completed in the allotted time, with no exceptions.
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Additional notes concerning the laboratory schedule and the instructors are as follows: No work using power tools/machines is to be performed in the absence of instructor or TA supervision; this includes starting work before the formal lab period commences. No more than 4 machines may be in use at any time for each instructor or TA present. Normal working hours shall be during the scheduled laboratory periods M-F. The shop will be closed on weekends and evenings unless prior arrangements have been made with the laboratory instructors. Attendance Log: All EML2322L laboratory students must sign their name in the log book before beginning work. The log book is located on the podium by the east entrance to the main shop. Part of the laboratory grade is based on attendance, so it is important to sign in during each lab section (starting after drop/add ends). Students will be reminded to sign in the first few weeks; after that it’s the students’ responsibility to remember to sign in. Please sign in promptly at the beginning of each class before becoming busy and forgetting to do so. Cleanliness/Respect: Student Cleanliness/Respect is a subjective assessment of the students’ overall attitude in the design and manufacturing laboratory. The cleanliness portion of the category refers to the effort each student puts forth to clean up the machines and work area he/she uses. The laboratory instructor’s job is not to clean up after the students but rather to instruct them in proper and safe use of the equipment and design methods. The respect portion of this category is used to judge the amount of care the students take when using each piece of equipment and when listening to the laboratory staff. Arrogant or obstinate behavior has no place in the laboratory and will not be tolerated. Students who fail to listen to TA instruction will be removed from the lab. 2
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EML2322L Equipment Safety Sheets - EML2322L MAE Design and...

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