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EML2322L – MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory PERSONAL SAFETY QUIZ Name: _________________________________________ Lab Period (i.e. W2-3):_______ Instructions: Answer the following safety questions; you have 10 minutes to complete the quiz. Work individually to answer the questions. You must answer all questions satisfactorily before using the equipment for robot prototyping. Messy work will not be graded. SAFETY REVIEW 1. What is the most important rule when working on the lathe? 2. What is one way a serious injury can occur on lathes (in addition to the rule above)? 3. What is one way a serious injury can occur on milling machines? 4. What is one way a serious injury can occur on bandsaws? 5. What is one way a serious injury can occur on sheetmetal equipment?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why must loose fitting clothing or non-secured long hair NEVER be worn when operating machines? 7. Why must all rings, watches and bracelets be removed before working on any machines? 8. Why must gloves NEVER be worn when working around the power equipment in the shop? 9. YES / NO: Do you understand that you will NEVER be allowed to participate in your formally scheduled lab period without your equipment safety sheets and proper footwear? 10. YES / NO: Do you understand that SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY , that the TAs are here to help you with absolutely ANY questions you have regarding proper use of the machines and that the only questions we can’t help you with are the ones you don’t ask?...
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