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EML2322L Quiz 1 (8/30/11) Answer the following questions based on the information presented in the lab and lecture. Unless instructed otherwise, you can use any notes but do not discuss this information with other students. Which of the following is not a common component of an engine lathe: A. Ram B. Headstock C. Cross slide D. Tool post E. Tailstock What rotates on a lathe: A. The cutting tool B. The chuck C. The material/workpiece D. B & C above E. None of the above Turning is a metal cutting process used mainly for the generation of rectangular surfaces. TRUE / FALSE Which of the following is not a common work holding method on a lathe: A. Holding in a chuck B. Holding between centers C. Holding in the tailstock D. Holding in a collet When operating a lathe the tool bit should typically be positioned: A. Above center to obtain better surface finish B. Below center to optimize chip evacuation C. Directly on the spindle centerline D. None of the above List the two most important items you must
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