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EML2322L Quiz 6 - EML2322L Quiz 6 Answer the following...

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EML2322L Quiz 6 (10/4/11) Answer the following questions based on the information presented in the lab and lecture. You can use your notes but do not speak with others. List twelve items that are necessary on a proper detail drawing: 1. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________ 7. __________________________________________ 8. __________________________________________ 9. __________________________________________ 10. __________________________________________ 11. __________________________________________ 12. __________________________________________ What is the tradeoff between using slower or faster wheel motors for the design problem this semester? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ The maximum allowable material which can removed in a single pass on the mill or lathe is: A. Five thousands of an inch (.005”) B. Fifty thousands of an inch (0.050”) C. Five tenths of an inch (0.500”) D. Five inches (5”) E. None of the above The spindle speed on the milling machines should be adjusted while the machine is running: TRUE / TRUE You must provide detail drawings for all off-the- shelf (OTS) parts used with your project, with the exception of fasteners; however, fasteners should appear in the assembly drawings / BOM: TRUE / TRUE
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