Monday Notes - The cycles of 10 out of 12 are run together...

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The cycles of 10 out of 12 are “run together” to form a cycle of 60 This cycle was sued to count as years beginning in pre-imperial China Chinese Ways of Dating Things Dynasties Emperor’s reigns within dynasties Reign Names (nianhao) within reigns of individual emperors The cycle of 60 stems and branches Example the Xinhai Revolution – Revolution of 1911 Years are also associated with the animals in the cycle of 12. Some call these “animals” the “Chinese zodiac” Each animal has certain typical characteristics 1. Rat: very smart and quick witted 2. Ox: grumbles a lot but is a big-hearted an long-suffering 3. Tiger: Keeps promises and gets angry at those that break theirs 4. Hare: Clever and talented 5. Dragon: full of energy and very direct 6. Snake: Never lets slip an opportunity 7. Horse: Hardworking 8. Sheep: Quiet, restful, patient, and gentle 9. Monkey: Full of energy and plans 10. Rooster: keeps time well and is always punctual 11. Dog: Keeps things to himself, does not want to lead, prefers to follow 12. Pig: Always comfortable and very home-loving Auspicious and Inauspicious Days Chinese “almanacs” list what is auspicious and inauspicious for every day 4 December 2006 was as follows: o Auspicious for: Traveling Getting married Business and trade Beginning construction o Inauspicious for: Digging a well Ending mourning Calendrical Festivals: Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar
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Monday Notes - The cycles of 10 out of 12 are run together...

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