Lecture 27 notes - • If you are pregnant and HIV positive...

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Every 3 months you should go to the doctor In advanced stages, you still need to go to the doctor every 3 months, you need viral load to go down and the CD4 count will continue to decrease. For HIV treatment, people are looking for something that will maintain good health. Continue exercise, eat healthy, try to boost immune system…etc. CD4 count below 350 = AIDS Some people have financial issues with paying for treatment
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Unformatted text preview: • If you are pregnant, and HIV positive you will get anti-viral treatment no matter what. • Hepatitis B virus positive, and HIV treatment will begin as soon as possible. • Treatments must be very precise in time and etc. • Lower viral load, and have a CD4 count above 500 or at least 200. • When the virus makes it proteins, it is a single strand. The protease cuts the strand to make the protein functional. •...
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