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11.30.10 - • Using fibers from fast-growing plants such...

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Emphasizes sustaining biodiversity and ecological integrity as a first priority Management plans take into account a full suite of ecosystem services derived from the forest, as well as production values. On-Site Growing more timber on long rotations (100-200 yrs) Practicing selective cutting of individual trees or small groups of most tree species Leaving snags and slash Using road building and logging methods that minimize soil erosion and compactions Banning clear cutting on land with steep slopes. Broad Scale Minimizing fragmentation of remaining larger blocks of forest Recycling more paper to reduce harvest of pulpwood trees
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Unformatted text preview: • Using fibers from fast-growing plants such as kenaf to make tree-free paper • Including the ecological and recreational services provided by trees and a forest in evaluating their economic value. Summary • Sustainable forestry ideas have evolved over time, from a focus on timber products to a holistic view of ecosystems and the services they provide to people. • Biomass energy presents a complex set of issues • Opportunities: Economic (jobs), renewable local source of energy • Issues: supply, transportation, emissions • Is biomass energy carbon neutral? It depends. • Reducing consumption is key....
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