10-26 HTM - o Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires signed...

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October 26 th , 2010 Ability Tests- Aptitude and Achievement Physical Ability Test Work Sample Tests Assessment Centers Situational Judgment Tests Psychomotor Tests Cognitive Ability Tests Big Five Personality Characteristics 1. Conscientiousness 2. Agreeableness 3. Openness to Experience 4. Extroversion 5. Emotional Stability Effective Interviewing Conducting an Effective Interview Plan the Interview Control the Interview Utilize Effect Questioning Techniques Questions to Avoid o Yes/No questions o Obvious questions o Questions that rarely produce a true answer o Leading questions o Illegal questions o Questions that are not job related Problems in the Interview Snap Judgments Negative Emphasis Halo Effects Biases and stereotyping Cultural Notes
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Legal Issues in Background Investigations Risks of negligent hiring and retention o Employers are liable for employees’ actions
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Unformatted text preview: o Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires signed releases from applicants to avoid privacy issues • Negligent Hiring o Occurs when an employer fails to check the background of an employee who injures someone. • Negligent retention o Occurs when an employer is aware an employee may be unfit for employment, continues to employ the person, and the person injures someone. Making the Job Offer • Offer guidelines o Formalize the offer with a letter to the applicant clearly stating Medical Examinations and Inquires • American With Disabilities Act (ADA) o Prohibits pre-employment medical exams o Prohibits rejecting persons for disabilities or asking disability-related questions until after a conditional job offer is made. • Drug Testing o Use of drug testing in the selection process is increasing....
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10-26 HTM - o Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires signed...

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