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HR Exam 2 Study Guide - Selecting Human Resources A Las...

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Selecting Human Resources A Las Vegas Hotel’s On-line Approach to Hiring Wynn’s HR representative developed an online hiring system Greatly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the staffing function Selection decisions are an important part of successful HR management. Some managers would argue that selection is most important part of running a sound organization. Selection and Placement Selection- process of choosing individuals with qualifications needed to fill jobs in an organization Two HR beliefs that underscore the importance of effective staffing: “Hire hard, manage easy.” “Good training will not make up for bad selection” Placement- fitting a person to the right job How well an employee is matched to a job can affect the amount and quality of the employee’s work, as well as the training and operating costs required to prepare the individual for work life Selection and placement activities typically focus on applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) Study found that different types of fit were related to satisfaction with work, commitment to a company, and quitting intentions Person/Job fit- Matching the KSAs of individuals with characteristics of jobs
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HR Exam 2 Study Guide - Selecting Human Resources A Las...

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