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5th Amendment - Eminent domain Miranda Warnings 1964...

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13:06 5 th  Amendment Due process Substantive Due Process  something that is not fair Procedural Due Process  it allows the possibility of questioning how the law is applied Need to have notice of the action Opportunity to challenge action Right to a fair hearing  Confront evidence Right to represent evidence, witnesses Right to consult Right against self incrimination Double jeopardy Can’t be tried for the same criminal offense
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Unformatted text preview: Eminent domain Miranda Warnings 1964 Miranda v. Arizona illegal immigrant picked up on rape charge (uneducated, did not speak English) 6 th Amendment Right to council (criminal cases only) Deals with loss of liberty Right to public trial Right to speedy trial Right to confront witnesses “confrontation clause” Right to present witnesses evidence 13:06 13:06...
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