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Law - regarding Kifuji should be based on whether he is...

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Emily Leung News Article Assignment In the article “Tufts settles suit against doctor in girl’s death for 2.5m” by Patricia Wen describes a case where a four year old girl named Rebecca Riley died from a drug overdose prescription for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar illness. The decision was to settle for the amount of $2.5 million which “is the maximum paid out by Kifuji’s malpractice policy”. In the article it also clearly states that asking to settle for more than $2.5 million is more than enough. The legal issue here in the case of Rebecca Riley was settled way before any court date, and it was a reasonable settlement in the circumstances. While reading the article, I was thrown off by the fact that Kifuji is still seeing patients and is allowed to prescribe medicine to others. I think this legal issue
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Unformatted text preview: regarding Kifuji should be based on whether he is allowed to prescribe medicine to patients. Because he should have to be monitored of what he prescribes to patients in case of another accident occurs. This issue impacts me because if I needed medical attention and there are millions of doctors out there that can wrongly prescribe medication that can lead to death is not safe for the common wealth being and it should be taken care of. Losing a life is losing a life and the situation should not be over looked so lightly, I believe it is a serious matter and should have been handled differently. An alternative solution to this legal matter would be to act on enforcing medical judgment errors made by doctors....
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  • Spring '08
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, hyperactivity, attention deficit hyperactivity, Rebecca Riley, Kifuji, drug overdose prescription

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