Promotional Mix - OCTOBER 17 , 2011 TH Big Picture Changes...

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O CTOBER 17 TH , 2011 Big Picture Changes in marketing Communications Media Reduced dependence on traditional ad media (TV, radio, Magazines, Newspapers, outdoor, etc.) Use of social media and mobile media to communicate with customers More targeted media—specialty magazines, cable, direct marketing, internet Increase in PR including target even sponsorship and publicity…buzz. More sales promotion spending Increased use of product placement Top 5 product categories Automotives Quick service restaurants Pharmaceuticals Wireless telephone services Kids Today… Are the heaviest mobile video viewers Are more receptive to mobile advertising than their elders Out-text all other age groups Talk less on the phone Grew up in the age of social media—and it shows Watch less TV than General population Spend less time on their computers Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Coordinates all promotional activities so that there is a consistent message communicated across all target audiences. Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, websites, interactive, and social media, and direct marketing. IMC Tools for Communicating with Potential Customers (Target Audience)
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Promotional Mix - OCTOBER 17 , 2011 TH Big Picture Changes...

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