Kin110 - Emily Leung Dr Braun Kinesiology 110 April 23rd...

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Emily Leung Dr. Braun Kinesiology 110 April 23 rd , 2010 The Importance of Energy In and Energy Out When it comes to losing weight many people only think of exercise, but diet is just as important. When dieting people should understand the energy balance equation that is the energy put into the body should balance with energy coming out of the body. The energy coming into the body is important because it is the source of energy for basic motor functions. When the body does not have energy pertained from multiple sources of food it is hard to function properly. It is hard to function without energy because the body needs certain vitamins or minerals to perform several different tasks. However, in terms of dieting, calorie restriction is another thing. The kinds of food consumed is important in dieting because when trying to lose weight the kind of nutrition will overall help your body become healthier. For example, if someone is obese trying to lose weight, and he or she goes to the gym religiously but then consumes a high fat meal, they will not have an effective weight loss program. Of course energy coming out is important too for weight loss, but not as important as the energy coming in. Gherlin, a regulator of energy balance, has been studied in various ways. Gherlin is seen to be a
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Kin110 - Emily Leung Dr Braun Kinesiology 110 April 23rd...

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