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February 5 th , 2010 Kin 110 --Lecture #8 1. What are the 2 basic ?categories? of carbohydrate (CHO)? simple sugars and complex carbohydrates simple sugars- glucose (blood sugar) fructose (fruit, honey, high fructose corn syrup) 2. Beside glucose and fructose, what are the other 2 simple sugars we mentioned and what are they ?made of?? sucrose (table sugar)- glucose+fructose lactose (milk sugar)- glucose+galactose 3. What is a complex carbohydrate? What is the most common dietary complex CHO and what is it made of? complex carbohydrates=many simple sugars linked by chemical bonds the most common complex CHO is starch. glucose is linked by ALPHA bonds 4. What is the energy value of digestible carbohydrates? 4.0 kcal of energy per gram of CHO
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is the ?glycemic index?? (a pictorial description from lecture is included above) What are some factors that determine the glycemic index of a food? dietary CHO and health. blood sugar response to standard amount of CHO (50g) Pure glucose or white bread are ?reference food?=100 higher blood glucose response to a food, higher the G.I. 6. What is dietary fiber? what is the energy value of fiber? complex CHO insoluble- cellulose in cell walls. veggies and whole grains soluble fiber- fruit, beans, grains 7. Why can?t humans get energy by eating grass? because grass is mostly cellulose and the beta bonds are indigestible and cannot be used for energy....
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