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Kin 110 –Lecture #17 Monday March 8 th , 2010 1. Does exercise at a lower intensity “burn more fat” than exercise at a higher intensity? exercise at lower % of max heart rate more effectively burns body fat. Higher intensity is a lower % of fat burned but still higher total amount. 2. When the duration of exercise is the SAME (let’s say, 1 hour) , why does exercise at a moderate to-high intensity usually cause about the same total fat “burning” as exercise at a low intensity (Only discuss what happens DURING exercise – ignore post-exercise metabolism for now). because the intensity is higher, you burn more kcal and the percentage of the higher kcal is more than fat burned as low intensity. high intensity requires more total energy. 3. Why does exercise training at a moderate to high intensity often result in a
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Unformatted text preview: greater loss of fat over time (months, years) as compared to low-intensity exercise? (hint: now you should consider post- exercise metabolism) • exercise at higher intensity gives higher metabolism after exercise lowering at a slow rate rather than lower intensity. gives better fat burning. multiplies the 20-50 kcal by the weeks months and years. 4. Based on what you learned in class, do you agree with the fat-burning zone found on the typical gym “wall chart” shown below? • NO 5. Does the time of day matter in terms of the percent of energy coming from fat during exercise? Why? • No. in percentage from CHO and fat, maybe. exercise before eating in morning can do more fat and less CHO....
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