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Kin 110—Lecture 20 Wednesday March 26 th , 2010 1. Protein excretion on a “zero protein” diet is 0.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Is feeding this quantity of protein enough to maintain normal protein balance? If not, why not? 130 lb. person- 24 grams/day; 200 lb. person- 36 grams/day no, everyone ends up protein deficient so the .4 g/kg body weight is not enough. people adapt to zero protein diet by conserving protein. no hair growth, recycle AA’s, etc. 2. How much protein IS needed to maintain protein balance in the average person? protein balance at about .6 g/kg/day 3. Is this protein intake the RDA for protein? Why not? What is the RDA? No, .8 is the AVERAGE requirement. 4. Is the RDA sufficient for athletes/active individuals? If not, what is the recommendation for those people? NO. the recommendation for these people is 1.2-1.5 grams/kg/day
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Unformatted text preview: • 130 lb.- 72-90 grams/day, 200 lb.- 208-135 grams/day 5. *WHY do active people/athletes require more protein. Give 3 reasons.* • more protein to balance increased protein use for energy (endurance athletes) • more protein needed to increase lean tissue (mainly strength/power athletes) • more protein needed for repair of muscle damage (endurance and strength/power) 1. Lets say you have a sedentary person who weighs 60 kg, eats 2000 kcal/day and gets 12% of their energy from protein. 12% of 2000 kcal = 240 protein kcal = 60 grams = 1.0 grams protein / kg /day = more than the RDA 6. What about an athlete who also weighs 60 kg and gets 12% of energy from protein but who eats 3000 kcal/day? Do they get the recommended quantity of protein? • 360 protein kcal= 90 grams= 1.5 g protein/kg/day • YES they get the recommended amount of protein/day...
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