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Kin 110 –Lecture 21 Friday March 26 th , 2010 PCr: energy for very short intense exercise. During exercise, ADP builds up and stimulates the enzyme creatine kinase. ADP+ PCr ATP+ creatine Creatine promoted bigger gains in fat and bone free mass, there is no increase in body water. 1. What is creatine and where can it come from? Found in meat products, can also come from amino acids Can be synthesized 2. Where is creatine stored and in what forms? 95% of creatine is in skeletal muscle creatine phosphate (PCr) and free creatine 3. What is the role for creatine phosphate (PCr) in providing energy for exercise? What is creatine kinase and what does it do? ADP builds up and stimulates creatine kinase during exercise Creatine kinase converts creatine and ATP to PCr + ADP 4. Does creatine supplementation improve exercise performance? If so, what KIND of exercise is most likely to be positively affected? Creatine can help improve performance; it is best used in short bursts for high intensity
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